Admittedly, some gardeners can hang up their watering cans in winter and have a rest. Not so the greenhouse owner with the right accessories. Thanks to heating, growing lights and other useful accessories, there is no need to take a long winter break. And heating a greenhouse does not even have to be expensive.

We can advise you what to use and help to get them.


Greenhouse Heater, Propagation accessories:

Here some examples for heaters and other useful accessories.

We can advise you what to use and help to get them.

  Heater Arkansas                Heating mat different sizes


soil warming cable                grow lights

How to calculate heat requirements:

The following formula can be used to determine the approx. heating requirements of your greenhouse.


A * D * k = amount of electrical power in wattage    

A = the total roof and wall surface area of the greenhouse;   D = the difference between coldest outdoor winter temperature and the night temperature desired in the greenhouse  ; k = amount of heat passage depending on the glazing of the greenhouse

k-amounts for different glazing:  Single glazing 4mm – k = 6  ; Polycarbonate 6mm – k = 3.6  ; Polycarbonate 8mm – k = 3.3  ; Polycarbonate 10mm – k = 3  ; Polycarbonate 16mm – k = 2.3  ; Perspex – k = 2.8  ; Double glazing – k = 3   Subtract 30 % from the calculated wattage if using bubble wrap foil.

Subtract another 30 % if it’s a lean-to greenhouse on heated wall.