Sligo - Wicklow

The NEW greenhouses from KGT

A perfect combination of strength and elegance above the norm in quality.
The greenhouses Sligo and Wicklow are truly good looking and very strong. Because they are made with heavy gauge 'box section' aluminium frames they are suitable even for exposed areas and sites.
All roof and side panes are fixed with 4-sides rubber seals and screwed-on capping frames, providing extra strength and better insulation. Substantial hinged stable-type doors with lever door handle and mortise lock, as well as big roof windows with automatic opener are standard. Generous glazing panes 1.0m (3'3'') wide allow maximum light transmission and excellent growing conditions.

Both Greenhouses are glazed with 10mm polycarbonate;
option: glazed with 4mm single toughened glass or mixed glazing.


Greenhouse Sligo from

width 2.16m (7’ 1’’), eaves height 1.72m (5’ 7’’), ridge height 2.38m, length 2.08m (6'10'') or 3.08m (10'1'') or 4.08m (13'5'')





Greenhouse Wicklow from 

width 2.73m (8'11’’), eaves height 1.72m (5’  7’’), ridge height 2.54m (8’ 4’’),

length 2.08m (6'10'') or 3.08m (10'1'') or 4.08m (13'5'')



Details window & door for Sligo and Wicklow:



Attached shelves and benches (one full long side) available.

As well available: ridge ornaments, please ask for price