The circular Pavilion 'Rondo' from  is available in three sizes: 3.31m (10'10''), 3.94m (12'11'') and 4.62m (15'2'') in diameter.

The 'Rondo' consists of two overlapping revolting sliding units to open a full half of the structure. The outside unit comes with a sliding door. The roof top shows a wind powered fan. Roof and sides are glazed with perspex and toughened glass. The frames are green, white or grey powder coated (more colours on request - extra charge).




  • Straight roof, domed roof or pagoda (curved) roof.

  • Complemented by ceiling or side shades


The exceptional variety of the Pavilion:

  • Ideal for barbecues

  • An al fresco sitting area

  • An all year meeting spot for the whole family

  • Swimming pool or whirl pool cover

  • A band stand in the spa/ resort garden

  • As a smoker's pavilion (in gastronomic settings, for instance)

  • An artist's workshop

Matching accessories available on request.


'Rondo' prices:
Diameter 3.31m (10'10'')  € 19,400
Diameter 3.94m (12'11'')  € 22,900
Diameter 4,62m (15'2'')   € 28,900


Prices include VAT, delivery and installation* on existing base**.

Countrywide construction service

* charge for expenses at cost, free within 100km, **concrete slab, block wall, trench for plinth

For further details and quotes please contact us.