Euro Porch

This lean-to sunroom will provide a lot of pleasure from spring into the autumn.

It comes as standard with a single or double sliding door depending on the dimensions. Additional doors can be fitted too to provide open space into the garden.


The Euro-Porch has a standard width of 2.33m (7'8'') or 3.08m (10'1). The length can be increased up to 8.30m. Eaves height with plinth is 2.01m (6'7'').

It will be glazed as standard with 4mm single toughened glass; optional: the roof can be glazed with 8mm polycarbonate sheets.


The Euro-Porch is from our supplier in Belgium









No of doors



3.09m  (10’2’’)

1 small



3.80m  (12’6’’)



4.57m  (15’)

1 wide



Roof pitch: 11°, option: 25° - extra charge


‚Euro-Porch’ comes with: inbuilt gutter and down pipe;

small sliding door 0.84m (2'9'') wide, wide sliding door 1.44m (4'9'') wide.


Additional items:

sliding door, wide sliding door, double sliding door; hinged door, double hinged door,

additional roof or side window with hand opener, automatic window opener.

standard coloured frames = green, red, white, blue, grey and black; non standard colours: extra charge.