Euro Domo

The Euro-Domo lean-to from Euro-Serre is an ideal greenhouse solution for big or medium sized gardening areas and patios next to a suitable wall. This lean-to greenhouse offers lots of space and all the advantages of a quality greenhouse. It has a rust resistant aluminium frames and can be glazed with 4mm toughened glass or 8mm polycarbonate sheets to ensure a durable stable product for many years to come. Standard features: roof vents and sliding door in gable end.


The Euro-Domo is available in two width: 2.33m (7'8'') and 3.08m (10'1'').


Eaves height with plinth is 1.81m (5'11'')

Ridge height with plinth 2.33m (7'8''), respectively 2.41m (7'11'').

eaves height without plinth 1.72m (5'7''), ridge height 2.24m (7'4'')/2.31m (7'7'')

Option: extended eaves height up to 2.01m (6'7'') - extra charge applies.


Standard roof pitch is 11°. Option: 25° - extra charge applies.







No of roof




3.09m  (10’2’’)




3.80m  (12’6’’)




4.57m  (15’)


Roof pitch: 11°, option: 25° - extra charge

Option: eaves height 2.01m (6’7’’) – extra charge


‚Euro-Domo’ comes with: 1 sliding door in gable end, inbuilt gutter and down pipe;

No of roof vents with hand opener: see in table.


Additional items:

sliding door, wide sliding door 1.44m (4’9’’) wide, double sliding door  hinged door , double hinged door

additional roof or side window with hand opener, automatic window opener , side window.


Prices for standard coloured frames = green, red, white, blue, grey and black see table; non standard colours: extra charge.


Mixed glazing solutions are possible, e.g. roof glazed with polycarbonate, sides glazed with toughened glass.