The Euro-Micro from   is the smallest of our range. It fits even in a tiny city garden. But the Micro shows the strength and quality construction of a big greenhouse. With a eaves height of 2.01m (6' 7'') it provides lots of headroom and allows maximum use of a small space.


Width: 1.63m (5'3'')


Type I 2.36m (7'9'')

Type II 3.09m (10'32'')

Type III 3.80m (12'6'')

Type IV 4.57m (15')







Euro-Micro’ comes with 1 hinged door, 1 or 2 roof windows, inbuilt gutter and down pipes

The greenhouse is glazed with 4mm single toughened glass or with 8mm polycarbonate sheets.

Ridge height (with plinth) 2.39m (7'10'')

Eaves height (with plinth) 2.01m (6'7'')

Door width 0.7m (2'4'')


Additional items:

2nd hinged door, additional roof window or side window with hand opener

automatic window opener. 

Staging (attached benches and shelves) is available on request, as well blinds.