vegetable plants

Our vegetable plants are available through April and May

tomato Sakura


Cherry tomato, red fruits up to 2cm, excellent taste very sweet, only under cover, early, great harvest.

tomato Yellow Submarine


Yellow small pear-shaped fruits, aromatic and sweet, outside only in a sheltered position.

tomato Donabella

Indeterminate-growing cherry tomato with deep-red, burst-resistant, firm-fleshed fruit! The fruit have an excellent, strong, sweet-fresh tomato aroma.

tomato Bogus Fruchta


Open growing early ripening bush variety. Round, red big fruits with a good tomato taste. suitable for containers, need stalking.

tomato Dorenia


Medium, early, vigorous growth, very healthy plants, particularly resistant to blight. Normal sized fruits, very good tomato taste., high yield.

tomato Moneymaker

Recommended outdoor variety with red, medium sized fruits with no green edges. Suitable for all purposes.

tomato Marmande

Early ripening, large fruit, fleshy tomato, good taste, produces high yields. For greenhouse, old variety.